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Stop smoking for good with CigQuit

Join thousands of other users and dowload the best app on the market to quit smoking. Available for iOS and Android!

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Track Your Quit

See all of your quit stats in one place with CigQuit. We take care of keeping track of your days quit, money saved, cigarettes saved, and much more. All you have to worry about is the mental game against nicotine.

Track Your Health

Smoking is an awful habit for you. One of the main benefits of quitting is being healthier overall. With CigQuit, keep track of how your health is progressing in response to nicotine cessation.

Achieve Milestones

One of the ways we keep you motivated during tough times is by offering milestones. We will send notifications to your mobile device when you hit major milestones like 10 days quit, 100 cigarettes saved, and many more.

Gradual Quit

With CigQuit, you have the option of quitting gradually or cold turkey. With gradual quits, CigQuit's algorithm winds your cigarette usage down over time ensuring you quit for good.

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